Finally, a professional-grade lapel microphone that can be plugged into your devices, for high-quality sound recording - for under £40...

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+ 2m CABLE


Connect ... Record ... DONE! Record studio-quality audio straight into your capable devices, in 2 easy steps!

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Connect Device

Plug the Blixxo microphone into any device you want to record on - GoPro, smartphone, DSLR, computer...

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Record it

Record your audio - whether it's for your vlog, video presentation, activity or for general purpose.

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Yay! Done.

Professional, studio-quality audio is recorded directly to your device - far better quality than recording on the device itself directly.

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CRISP, CLEAR, HIGH QUALITY RECORDING :: omni-directional cordiod lapel microphone WIPES OUT BACKGROUND NOISE to capture your voice.

6-IN-1 VALUE PACK FOR NO HASSLE :: comes with AMAZING BONUS MATERIAL! Includes various adapters to enable you to plug in to many of your devices. 

NO EXTENSIONS OR BATTERIES REQUIRED :: unlike other microphones, Blixxo comes with all of the adapters you’ll need for it will work on all of your recording devices.  

HANDS – FREE :: the microphone comes with a great quality stainless metal clip, which can clip on to your clothing and allow you to write, type or do other things whilst recording your audio or video.  

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE :: Comes with a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty and 24/7 email support … buy with peace of mind!  Read more….


Don’t take our word for it, see what a few of our customers say about the Blixxo lapel mic. We've got over 1,000 positive reviews.


We used to always record our presentations directly into the DSLR using the on-board mic, and to be honest, adding the Blixxo mic has given our recent videos a MUCH better feel, with the sound quality being 10x better!

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I've tried several different microphones - shotgun mics as well as lapel mics, and the sound quality has never been quite right. I gave Blixxo a go after a recommendation from a friend and I wish I discovered it a lot sooner!

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I'm now using the Blixxo mic for my vlogs on my YouTube channel - depending on what I'm shooting, I've plugged Blixxo into my GoPro, iPhone, as well as DSLR ... the sound quality is exceptional compared to other similar products I've tried before.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us using the details below.

Why use Blixxo?

Have you ever recorded sound directly from your phone, GoPro, or DSLR's mic? It sounds terrible, right? You can ramp up your videos by attaching a studio-quality audio lapel mic directly into your device using the enclosed adapters. Then, just hit 'record' and notice the quality!

How quick is delivery?

With a warehouse in the UK and USA, and a network of couriers who deliver our Blixxo packages, you can expect to receive your awesome new device in just 1-3 working days. We'll keep you up to date when your order has been received, and when your Blixxo has left our warehouse.

What accessories do I receive?

Your new Blixxo comes equipped with all the gizmos you need ... BLM-10 lapel microphone, TRS adapter, GoPro adapter, pop filter, furry filter, compact case and a silicon cable roller. So, just plug it into your device and start recording! You'll love it!

Can I return my Blixxo?

If for any reason you don't get on with your new Blixxo, just return it back to us in its original packaging for a full, no-quibble refund. However, we know you'll love your new mic, and it's very rare that a Blixxo is returned back to us once you try it for yourself.